What Causes Tinnitus?

More often than not, it is not possible to identify just what has caused tinnitus. However, it is known that the initiation of tinnitus is often loss of hearing. In turn, the causes of hearing loss can be highly varied. There are main, less common and rare causes. In almost all cases, we find that there is inner ear damage. Very often, people experience a form of hearing loss as well as tinnitus when there is damage in these nerves. We know that tinnitus is very common in older people, which is due to the fact that they experience degenerative damage to their nerves. Various other reasons can also be behind tinnitus. For example, if someone has too much earwax, their ear can be blocked. Often, we also see otitis media, which is an infection of the middle ear. Glue ears, which is otitis media with infusion, can be a cause too. We also know that people with otosclerosis, a genetic illness, have tinnitus more often, due to abnormal bone growth. People with other diseases, such as Meniere’s disease, also often experience it. Finally, it is very commonly observed in people who suffer from anemia.

There are a few reasons behind tinnitus that are not as common. It has been known, for example, that people with head injuries can experience tinnitus. For years, proximity to loud noises wasn’t frequent or loud enough anymore to cause tinnitus, but this has changed among veterans. There are also a number of cases of acoustic neuroma, which is a benign cancer. Also, there are some people who suffer from tinnitus as a result of exposure to substances such as prescription medication or drugs. A very small number of people also experience it as a result of high blood pressure. Also, some people who suffer from Paget’s disease or from hyperthyroidism have been known to experience it.

These reasons are often not causes of tinnitus, but rather tinnitus is a side effect of these illnesses. It is for this reason that not every person in the world who has an inner ear infection will also suffer from tinnitus. A lot of people will also say that how bad their tinnitus is differs on a day to day basis. This is mainly because there are a few factors that have an effect on tinnitus, but that they do not affect it permanently. As an example, temporary exposure to loud noises, prescription medication and stress can increase the severity of tinnitus. Stress in particular is very detrimental to the severity of tinnitus. If you fear you suffer from tinnitus, it is very important to seek help, as solutions can be found.