Understanding The Advised Hearing Exam Frequency

The following factors can cause hearing problems to individuals of any age: disease, trauma, genetics, drugs and very loud noise. This is why undergoing regular hearing tests is very important to quickly detect problems that should be provided treatment. But how do you know if you should undergo hearing tests in the first place? Among the first indicators that you may need to undergo a hearing test is when you are not able to hear speech well or if you are having a difficult time hearing someone over the phone or when you are talking to someone while music is playing on the background, etc. Another indicator that you need to undergo a hearing test is if you always ask people to repeat what they said because all you keep hearing is a mumble and an unclear group of words.

If you are constantly turning up the volume of the radio or TV and making other people complain of the loud volume, you may need to see an audiologist and request for a hearing test. If you are under medication, using drugs that can affect hearing loss or cause hearing to deteriorate is another reason you need to take hearing tests on a regular basis. Excessive wax build up in the ears can also cause pain and hearing loss so be sure that you are regularly cleaning your ears so as to avoid build-up. So what are hearing tests? A hearing test is a painless procedure that is done by licensed audiologists that prepare audiograms which show your level of hearing loss. A careful study of the audio gram will allow the specialist to recommend the best treatment you should take or if they would recommend their patient to buy a hearing aid.

You would also find a number of online hearing tests that you can try for free; these hearing tests are simple: you only click on buttons that correspond to a specific sound frequency so you can learn what your hearing range is. You need these hearing tests to have frequencies that range from 20 Hz to 20000 Hz. It is important to keep in mind though, that these free tests you can find on the internet are not considered professional hearing tests; you still need to consult with an audiologist before you try any type of medication, use a hearing aid or even go for treatment so a doctor can look into your hearing loss and help you avoid worsening any discomfort that you are already feeling and have to spend money on treatments or devices that would not work for you anyway.