Things To Know Concerning Hearing Impairment Among Veterans

Other than their advanced age, another reason behind the hearing loss of many veterans is the fact they are exposed for many years to extremely loud noises: shooting guns; aircraft taking off and landing and loud explosions. This is because the delicate hair cells within the inner ear are damaged and not given sufficient time to recover and this causes the sound waves to not travel into the ear and help the person hear properly. Not being able to hear conversations clearly or not hearing anything at all is a sure sign that a person’s hearing has deteriorated significantly. In order to determine how severe a person’s hearing loss has become, your physician would recommend you to an audiologist who would do the necessary hearing tests. After the hearing tests, the audiologist would be able to recommend solutions or treatments that would help veterans hear better.

The treatment for hearing loss is determined based on the extent or severity of the patient’s condition. If there is severe hearing loss, the audiologist would recommend the use of hearing aids as it makes sounds louder, allowing patients to hear better. But there are other veterans that suffer from extreme hearing loss in which case surgically implanted hearing devices are considered. This option is considered after the doctors have exhausted all possible options and done more hearing tests. Veteran or not, there are a number of important things you need to consider before you decide to get treatment for your hearing loss.

To start, you need to see a physician right away if you notice any signs that you are losing your hearing. Be certain that you are going to choose the right audiologists. If your doctor did not recommend one, you can go online to find local specialists. This can help you guarantee that you are going to consult with an audiologist that you can trust when it comes to services. You can try to do research on these audiologists before you get in touch with them. You could check if the audiologist has been around for a long time since this would indicate that the audiologist is dependable because they would not have managed to stay in practice for a long time if they were anything less than dependable. It is also important to check if the audiologist is highly recommended by their clients and if they are trusted in the industry. And to be sure that you are going to consult with the best audiologist available, you need to compare at least two audiologists.