Things To Know About Assistive Hearing Devices And Loss Of Hearing

There are a lot of people that think it is better to live their lives with hearing loss rather than wear a hearing aid. There are actually a lot of things people think they know about hearing loss and wearing hearing aids and the sooner these myths are debunked, the sooner the person can improve the quality of his life. There are many people that know other people whose hearing has improved through surgical and medical treatments. While it is true that certain types of hearing loss can be treated with surgery or medication, the sad truth is the success rate in adults only go as high as 10%. In addition, there are less than 20% of family doctors that test their patients for hearing loss so don’t think this is something that they can tell you right away.

There are also some people that go about thinking hearing loss would be less noticeable than wearing a hearing aid. This is actually what people who prefer vanity over practicality think. Ignoring hearing loss because you are too vain to wear a hearing aid is far more noticeable than wearing a device. You would not hear punch lines in jokes; you are not going to respond appropriately to conversations; risk getting into an accident, just because you do not want to wear a hearing aid because you do not think it’s “cool”. And keep in mind that all people with hearing loss would benefit from hearing aids.

Using a hearing aid depends on the type of lifestyle that you have. Then there are other factors that are considered such as the severity of the hearing loss and the level of amplification you need. Besides, wearing a hearing aid is not going to make you look old or handicapped. Wearing hearing aids do not make you look old; asking people to repeat what they are saying all the time is what makes people think you are getting old. If you are concerned with the audiologist you would get a hearing aid from, ask your family doctor for a recommendation, to be sure you are going to consult with someone you can trust. You could also do some research on different types of hearing aids and then decide whether or not this would be something that you would want to do.