Preventative Care: Does A Loud Rock Concert Harm Your Ability To Hear Much More Than Orchestras?

Any type of musical instrument has the potential to cause hearing loss because they are loud. High frequency noises can be particularly damaging. It is particularly important to be careful with violas and violins, as these are placed right next to the ear in order to be played. Only those musicians that can hear all the sounds properly are able to play their instrument the right way too. This is why it is recommended for those who play instruments, whether in a rock band or an orchestra, to actually use a mute when they practice. Generally speaking, people who play in a rock band tend to have worse hearing than those who play in orchestras. People who regularly visit rock concerts or orchestras are affected in the same way.

People have to find ways to make sure they are protected from noise injuries. A lot of people would think ear plugs work, but they actually distort sound. Hence, these cannot really be used either by those playing concerts, or those visiting them. Vented ear plugs, on the other hand, can be highly beneficial. Even better, however, is a device that is designed specifically for a certain instrument. These, however, are not suitable for people visiting music events. You can also protect your hearing with plexiglass baffles. There are also various ear monitors available that can benefit people who need to protect their hearing. If you only need to be able to hear your own instrument, these tend to be the most appropriate.

People who visit musical events need to be particularly concerned about the loudspeakers. Loudspeaker emit both low frequencies (in all directions) and high frequencies (in a near straight lines). It is for this reason that attending a rock performance has the potential to be far more damaging than attending an orchestra. You may have noticed that orchestra performances generally don’t use loudspeakers at all, because the sound of the instruments travels far enough. This is why it is very important to use ear protection when attending a rock concert. This doesn’t mean, however, that your hearing will be safe at an orchestra performance. Unfortunately, when attending an orchestra performance, it is likely that you want to be able to hear each individual sound, which is exactly why most people choose not to wear ear protection. Too many of us think our hearing will always be fine, damaging it slowly but irreparably over time. You must remember that you can enjoy or play live music and still protect your hearing too. More and more hearing protection devices are being developed as knowledge on hearing loss increases.