Preventative Care: A Large Number Of Hearing Problems Are Generated By Child Ear Infections

The medical term for an ear infection is otitis media. Most earaches are caused by some sort of infection. It is a very distressing condition, particularly for children and infants, who are the most common sufferers of it.|However, adults can also be affected. Most of the times, the infection is right behind the eardrum, known as the middle ear. This part is designed to send the vibrations on to the inner ear. Very regularly, those who have some sort of respiratory infection such as the common cold or flu, will also develop an inner ear infection. This is caused by the eustachian tube, which is the connecting line between the upper respiratory tract and the middle ear. Because of the position of this tube, bacteria in the sinus or nose are able to travel through to the ear. The environment of the ear is perfect for them to multiply and cause infections. Most parents are incredibly familiar with and frustrated by these infections.

It is in fact the number one reason for parents to take their child to the doctor. Doctors report some 30 million annual visits. Ear infections account for nearly half of all the antibiotics prescribed to children. Because of this, the financial tally at the end of the year is $2 billion.|However, an ear infection should never be left untreated, no matter what the cost. This is because long-lasting complications can develop. Some of the more common complications include hearing loss, facial nerve paralysis, meningitis, mastoiditis (which is an infection of the bone next to the ear) and, in adults, Meniere’s disease.

Most of the time, children will develop an ear infection as a result of a viral infection in their upper respiratory tract. In these infections, the eustachian tube will start swelling until it is completely blocked off, even from air. Allergies and reactions to pollutants in the air also commonly cause ear infections. It is very important to get treatment, as it often only gets worse. The vast majority of adult hearing problems are caused by ear infections that were left untreated in childhood. Meniere’s disease is a terrible condition that causes tinnitus, vertigo, a feeling of pressure in the ear and hearing loss. The condition is incredibly rare, made worse by the fact that it is almost fully avoidable if a childhood ear infection is properly treated. It is therefore vital that parents always take their children’s ear infections seriously and seek medical assistance each time they have one. The cost of not doing this could simply be too high.