iPhone Owners Currently Get Their Very Own Assistive Hearing Devices

We have recently seen the launch of a brand hew hearing aid. What makes it different is its capability to connect to all iOS devices, including the iPhone. With this device, people can use their phone and listen to music. Danish GN ReSound is the brains behind this device. The LiNX device is the only hearing aid to date that is classed as MFi (made for iPhone). This is because it does not require an intermediary device to connect.

In order to use the LiNX, wearers must download the iOS app. The app is the hearing aid’s remote control. All features and settings of the hearing aid can be adjusted through this app. As such, people can immediately ensure their settings are correct for all types of environments. This is made easy through the different types of modes included with the app. It even includes geo fencing, which means it can recognize different environments. Lastly, if someone loses their hearing aid, they can use “find my hearing”, which will help them locate it. The goal of the app is to make sure that hearing aids can connect to the internet. Additionally, the geofencing functionality makes it possible for people to always have the best possible hearing automatically. The 2.4GHz protocol that it uses is one of a kind. It has been made solely to allow communication between hearing aids and iOS devices. This is why a completely unique hearing aid processor had to be designed too. One of its unique features is the speed at which is can switch on and off, but also how little electricity it uses. Indeed, a single charge can last as much as six days.

Before this device, changing settings on a hearing aid would involve lots of complicated actions, including wearing pendants and other devices. Now, they simply need to press a button on their iPhone and they are done. Plus, it means that people no longer have to wear any additional devices with them, since everything is done through their iPhone, which they have on them anyway. Additionally, it means they can use all of their phone’s functionality and hear them as well. Again, this is something that would require the use of an intermediary device in the past. It is no surprise, therefore, that the device has been so well received by hearing aid wearers. It is, when you think about it, a device that can really alter someones quality of life for the better.