Hearing Aids: Air Pressure While Flying: Detrimental To Assistive Hearing Devices?

Even if you are suffering from hearing loss, you should not let this problem hinder your need or desire to travel. Regardless if you are traveling for pleasure or for business, fact remains that traveling can be a little stressful, too. Keeping in mind the special circumstances that come with boarding a plane, we can assume that traveling in an aircraft using a hearing aid is very different when you are traveling in a car or a train while using a hearing aid. This does not mean however that you would go and avoid traveling entirely just because you have hearing loss. There are no restrictions about you wearing a hearing aid during air travel. As a matter of fact, there is no need to take the hearing aid off even if you pass through the screening devices at the entrance of the airport. You after all, need to keep your hearing aid turned on so as to communicate effectively with TSA and airport officials.

If you want to avoid disturbing noises due to interference from the airport scanners, you can choose to lower the volume on your device so you can be more comfortable. You would however, be asked to turn off your hearing aid during take off and landing but you can turn it on throughout the flight. Other than this there are no medical issues that concern wearing hearing aids in an airplane, not even an issue that relates cabin pressure with wearing a hearing aid during a flight. Although you would be asked to turn the hearing aid off during the plane’s take-off and landing, you can keep it turned on during the flight as cabin pressure does not affect the use of hearing aids in any way.

To start with, you can keep your hearing aid turned on during inspections and going through airport checkpoints. Since hearing aids are not considered as a device in the same category as MP3 players or mobile phones, you can keep it turned on during the flight. It is advisable to consult with your audiologist before your flight to be sure that you are going to use your hearing aid properly while you are traveling in an airplane. If you are a little uncomfortable about wearing your hearing aid and keeping it turned on while passing through metal detectors, ask the officials for a full body pat-down instead and have them visually check the components of your hearing aid so you can be cleared to board your flight without any further hassles.