Common Health Problems Of Musicians

Through the years, musicians of all genres have gone through various health difficulties. Learning about the most common health problems in musicians is important so that proper medical treatments can be obtained in order to improve one’s quality of life and continue to perform well in the industry they are in. Vocalists of rock music or any other genre is the person with the most common health issue. The problem with vocalists is unlike other band members, their “instrument” is a part of their anatomy and is subject to the most wear and abuse not only during recording sessions and performances, but also when they communicate on a daily basis. Factors that affect one’s voice is improper singing techniques caused by incorrect vocal training. Overusing one’s voice is another factor: excessive rehearsals; concerts and lengthy performances; and recording sessions can take its toll especially when there is inadequate vocal warm up before every performance/recording.

Having to travel constantly is another cause of health problems among musicians. For example, airplane cabins, tour buses or even cars have air conditioning always on full blast; the low temperatures and humidity causes dryness in the throat making it very difficult to sing. Having to sit for long periods of time during flights or road travel between performances can cause back problems in musicians. Musicians can also develop hearing problems during traveling since noise levels in aircraft get pretty high. Hearing problems are also developed among musicians when they are exposed to excessively loud noise and music during concerts or performances. Musicians also suffer from fatigue since they travel constantly during tours, often for several weeks and even months. Instrumentalists also suffer from visual impairment; playing keyboards and guitars and percussion for several hours and having to do it repeatedly can cause strain in the wrists and fingers.

Using and abusing recreational drugs and alcohol can also cause physical and emotional health issues. The abuse of drugs and alcohol lowers the inhibitions of a person so instead of singing and performing, vocalists and other band members scream the lyrics to the song and overtax themselves, causing physical strain. It is also common among musicians to suffer from stress related ailments such as headaches, body pains or hypertension. This is the reason it is important to learn a few tips that can help prevent if not entirely avoid health problems. There should be enough time between recording sessions and performances so the body would have enough time to rest and recover from having to travel and perform in concerts. You can also avoid getting dehydrated and fatigued by getting enough sleep and drinking plenty of water.